Vanguard's Vent-Free LogMate Fireboxes allow you to enjoy the beauty of a fireplace along with the warmth and efficiency of a vent-free gas space heater... instantly, and at a fraction of the cost of a wood burning fireplace.



Vanguard 36" Circulating Firebox

  • 36" Firebox
  • The heat circulating fireboxes feature louvers and can be fitted with the optional blower.
  • Black Hood
  • Concrete Brick Liner and Floor
  • Wire mesh fire screen
  • Duplex outlet

Pair these fireboxes with any Vanguard Log or other brand of ANSI Z21.11.2 Log.  Click Here For Vent Free Logs

Important Heater Information

  • Installation must be done by qualified service persons.
  • Read Owner's Manual before using.
  • Not for use in recreational vehicles.
  • All products approved for manufactured (mobile) home installation.
  • We reserve the right to amend product specifications without notice.
  • Use with adequate air (ventilation) only. Humidifies while it heats.
  • Provides water vapor in the area heated. Refer to owner's manual for specifics.
  • Heating areas based on rooms with 8" ceilings.
  • Operating heater at elevations above 4,500 ft. could cause nuisance outages.
  • ANSI Z21 11.2 Standard and National Fuel Gas Code revised in 1994 to permit wall mounted installations of vent-free gas heaters of 10,000 Btu or less in bedrooms and 6,000 Btu or less in Bathrooms. As always check local codes

Technical Tips

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